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Education Grants For Women - Free Federal Government Grants for School

Traditionally, college education has been much more accessible for men than for women, but student grants for women have helped make that opportunity a reality. Today, women actually outnumber men in undergraduate study, but men still make, on average, more than women for the same work. One way to help battle that disparity is by giving women access to more, and better, collegiate education.

Types of Student Grant Resources For Women

A number of organizations provide education grants for women. Some provide these grants as just one of many different groups they serve, while others are almost exclusively dedicated to the educational betterment of women.

Still others provide financial support specifically for women entering fields that are disproportionately dominated by men. For example, science (in its many forms), math, and engineering.

As student grants go, it is often easier to find grants for women in science and math than it is for women in the arts in humanities (although humanities grants are still a possibility – just not as plentiful).

Specific Sources For Female Students’ Grants

One good place to look is the individual institution itself. Many colleges and universities feature women’s tuition grants that have been established by an individual alumni or by an alumni group. They will often require you to write an essay as to why you would be a worthy recipient of the student grant for women.

Nonprofit organizations and foundations are another source for student grant opportunities for female students. One particularly relevant group is called AAUW. AAUW provides many different student grants for women. Some are career-specific (science and math type jobs, as discussed above), while others have more to do with where the woman intends to work (such as low income communities). Still others are dedicated to career development (such as returning to school after raising children, or pursuing school for the first time).

These and other sources of student grant funding can make it easier for capable, intelligent women to have access to quality education that might not be easy for them to pursue otherwise.


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