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Film School Grants - Grants for Film School

The stereotype of the ‘starving artist’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but based in reality; for this reason, film student grants are very important to fund the creative minds of the day. Film school can be expensive, and finding a job on the other end of the diploma is not a guarantee. Not to mention, most of the top film schools are located in large cities with fairly expensive living costs.

There are two primary sources of film student grant funding: individual film schools, and broader organizations and associations.

Student Grants From Film Schools

The vast majority of student grant opportunities for film schools come from the schools themselves. Most film schools offer some (if not multiple) form of financial assistance. Much is through loans, scholarships and, yes, grants.

Schools that give students grants are providing funding that does not need to be repaid; the same goes for scholarships. To learn if a particular school you hope to attend offers students grants, review their websites or visit the financial aid department.

Film school student grants may cover some or all of the tuition costs. For accredited schools, you could also be eligible for regular federal grants, such as the Pell Grant, and other financial assistance if you qualify.

Student Grants From Film Organizations

One of the biggest grants for film students comes from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, or HFPA, the non-profit organization that runs the Golden Globes. Through these awards, the HFPA is able to raise quite a bit of money that they in turn donate to causes supporting the arts and entertainment industry.

Student grants for film school are one of the areas the HFPA supports. The HFPA offers both fellowship grants and institutional support grants, both of which foster more access to film education for the students at those schools.

Whether from private institutions or film organizations, student grant opportunities for film school can make a big difference in making a film career a feasible reality for talented individuals.

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