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Free Grants for Women

Free grants for women are an opportunity for women to pursue study, work, or some other type of professional or personal development. The reason for providing funding is different with each grant offered.

In general, grants that are specific to women are aimed at providing women with opportunities that they have not been able to pursue for one of two reasons.

Firstly, they may have interest in a field traditionally dominated by men, which can make acceptance and opportunity difficult to come by. Secondly, they may have put their careers on hold to raise children while their husbands continued to work. With the children grown, many women go in search of free grants for women as a means to re-enter the workforce or an educational institution.

From the perspective of organizations that offer free grants for women, the funding is not a free gift, but rather an investment. They are investing in not only the woman who wins the grant, but the work she will do for her immediate community and the well-being of women on the whole. Grant funders hope to even the playing field so that eventually, free grants for women are not necessary.

As with any type of grant, finding the grant and winning the funding are two entirely different tasks.

First, make a list of free grants for women that you’d like to pursue. Make a schedule of their application dates. Then work backward to create a timeline of your free grants for women application steps. You will need time to brainstorm, do any necessary research, and compose your application letter.


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