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Medical Student Grants - Free Government Medical School Grants

Medical school is one of the most expensive educational avenues you can pursue, so student grants are exceptionally important in this area of study. In addition to being highly expensive, medical school also takes longer than most other degree programs, meaning that students acquire more debt over more time if they do not receive help with their funding before they begin.

Medical student grants are particularly important for students who plan to pursue areas of medical work that are less lucrative. Specialty fields and surgery often bring in higher income, while those students who choose to perform rural practice or serve low-income urban communities often do not make enough money to keep up with their loans.

Types Of Medical School Student Grants

As with most educational grants, there are plenty available that are given out specifically for financial need. These apply across the board, to many specialties both within the medical world and elsewhere.

But there are also countless student grant opportunities for students studying medicine in particular: and they get even more specific than that. For example, there are grants for students working toward many types of nursing. There are grants to help med students specializing in the treatment of HIV/AIDS or preventative medicine. Still other student grants are set aside for med students working toward maternity and child care, organ donation, and even rural health (especially with clinics for coal miners and other at-risk populations).

Sources Of Medical Student Grant Programs

The federal government has many student grants available for med students, both through the Department of Education and through the Health Resources and Services Administration (part of the Department of Health and Human Services).

Still other grants come through professional organizations and nonprofit charitable foundations. Many nurses and doctors’ professional organizations support the education of future health care professionals in their specific fields. By offering students grants to help them pay for school (or relieve debt after school), these organizations are ensuring that highly qualified individuals have access to the necessary training to join in and benefit the profession after they graduate.


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