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Nursing Grants - Government Grants for Nursing School!

Student grants specific to those in nursing school are a double-benefit. They help provide hard-working individuals the opportunity to pursue their first (or a new) career, and once nursing school is completed, the public benefits from having more qualified certified nurses working in the health care sector.

Nursing school grants come from different sectors and different organizations, but one thing they all have in common is they make it easier for existing qualified individuals to get more advanced education in the nursing field. Nursing school scholarships are also available, and can certainly help make nursing school a possibility. However, the advantage of student grants is that they do not have to be repaid after school is finished.

Sources Of Nursing Students’ Grants

Student grants for nursing come from a wide range of sources. One place to seek funding is from the individual institution you are attending; many have financial assistance for those in nursing programs, especially if you have particular financial need or, in some cases, represent a minority community that is underrepresented in the nursing field.

Other student grants come from governmental sources, both federal and state. Some are in the form of scholarships that must be repaid, but many are specific student grants to aid loan repayment once you are working in health care or as a nursing teacher.

Professional grants are another excellent source of student grants for nurses. Professional organizations of nurses, critical care nurses, nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, emergency nurses, and more all have specific grants to support nurses working toward their specialty.

How To Find Nursing Student Grants

Contact the institution where you plan to attend, or search for databases of grants specific to your career path. Look for federal and state assistance specific to not only nursing, but also in response to general financial need for educational study. And if you are a member of a minority group, seek also for specific student grants and scholarships paired with your background and career goals.


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