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Student Engineering Grants - Engineering Scholarships

Engineering student grants provide essential assistance to help the up-and-coming leading engineers get access to the high quality education they need to achieve their potential. An education in engineering can be quite expensive, and often the financial requirements keep deserving students out of the field. Student grants provide assistance to help bridge this gap.

Student grant opportunities for engineering students are given out based on a variety of criteria. Some are awarded based on merit, to help the highest achieving students get the best skills possible. Others are granted based on financial need, low income, or some other financial limitation. Still others are denoted specifically for students who represent a minority, so that the field can accurately reflect our society instead of excluding certain groups who have cultural or historical barriers keeping them from achieving their potential.

Sources Of Student Grants For Engineering

Student grant opportunities specific to engineering students come from various different sources. One of the most popular is through federal and state grants. The national SMART grant is one of the most popular, as is the available scholarship from the National Science Foundation and Computer Science Engineering Mathematics Scholarship.

Another good source of student grant funding is specific businesses, foundations, and institutions. IBM Research and the American Society for Engineering Education, and many others work hard to support up and coming engineers, especially when those engineers are in underrepresented segments of the population for the engineering field.

Finally, check with your individual institution. Many offer specific students’ grants, scholarships, and loans to help engineering students attend their schools.

Student Grants vs. Student Loans

Many of these same funding sources have available student loans for engineering students, which can certainly help those students attend school. But student grants make it even more financially feasible, because grants (unlike loans) do not have to be paid back after the schooling is complete. These make college and graduate study even more financially feasible, as student grants often significantly defray the cost of tuition.


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