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Student Grants For Adult Students

Student grant opportunities are not all for young students. In fact, adult students often face more challenges to pursuing and completing their education. Many adult students are also raising families and running households; some must work a regular job while attending school part time. And others have existing debt already, either from personal finances or from previous school loans. Student grants can help make that education more of a possibility by defraying the cost of attendance and making it feasible for adult students to get the education they’ve worked so hard for.

Types Of Adult Student Grants

In some ways, adult students seeking student grants for school have an advantage over younger students. For one thing, adult students are eligible for many of the same grants that younger students apply for; these include grants for specific industries, financial need, or minority status to help underrepresented populations enter industries where they have less of a presence than they should.

Other types of assistance are specifically for students entering a level of education as an adult that is typically pursued by younger students. Organizations will give adult students grants to help them pursue a change or advancement in their vocational lives. Some are specific to certain careers, but many are just based on the age, history, and financial need of the adult student.

Grant Resources For Adult Students

These adult-specific student grants come from a variety of sources. Some are from government agencies, some come from private foundations, and even others are administered by individual institutions.

Sources for federal grants can be found at,, and other government education resources. For state grants, contact the educational branch of your state government (in the state where you plan to attend). For individual institutions, check with the financial aid and admissions representatives to learn if they have any special assistance for adult students.

Finally, individual foundations. These often give students grants based on demographic. For example, a women’s organization may provide grants for women going back to school; the same applies with different cultural backgrounds, economic levels, and even specific careers (such as nursing, etc.). With so many student grants available, it shouldn’t be hard to find funding to help you make the change.

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